Friday, July 20, 2012

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - 2012


So the nominees are: 
  • Kathy Bates - Harry's Law
  • Glenn Close - Damages
  • Claire Danes - Homeland
  • Michelle Dockery - Downton Abbey
  • Julianna Margulies - The Good Wife
  • Elisabeth Moss - Mad Men
I guess I'll try something new and review the Emmy nominated ladies (based on their episode submissions for which we'll have to wait a little bit) just like I do on my other blog. Not sure about the outcome, but the predicting game for my ranking is on here as well. :) If this goes well, I might do some old years as well. Last year, I did a Comedy ranking, with Edie Falco triumphing, let's see who wins me over the most this year. :) 

What do you think? :) 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Emmy nominations

So they are here with quite a few surprises. And I'm gonna say my opinion the way I did last year.


  • Basically, there are no surprise nods that I'm glad about, it's the omissions for: Betty White, Cloris Leachman, Mariska Hargitay and most importantly GLEE (hahaha, I love that it's just a bad memory now)
  • Great Glenn is back to the Emmy race
  • The Good Wife getting the most acting nominations (tied achievement, but SO deserved), including my darling Julianna and Martha Plimpton
Pleasant surprise:
  • Edie Falco was nominated - the girl deserves it every damn year
  • Merritt Wever making it - she's hilarious
  • Kathy Bates got two nods - well, many are pissed off, I'm sure but fact is, I hope she wins for Two & a Half Men as a) she was hilarious b) after 11 nominations, it's time for her to win the Emmy.
  • Modern Family getting less nominations: fact is, while I'm a fan and still watch it, I'm glad it didn't get the compulsory nods for writing, which IMO really failed sometimes this season. 
Not so sure: 
  • Dylan Baker made it for The Good Wife and not for Damages? Weird. 
  • Downton Abbey sweeping the nods: I still have to understand why people love this show so much. It's relaxing, pure old-fashioned fun, but not more, in my opinion. I hope that it takes down Mad Men, at least. 
  • As I see, Julianne's Emmy is not that locked and Nicole can easily threaten it. Julianne has to win a high-profile award, even if it's an Emmy
  • Ellen Barkin's cameo on Modern Family was so hilarious, it could have earned her a nod.
WTF? (prepare for a long list) 
  • First of all the criminally undernominated Homeland: first of all, it can still win, IMO, which it should in a cakewalk. Quality sometimes triumphs and the low number of nominations is also due to the fact that this show didn't have high-profile guest stars and it's not a period piece. Still, the snubs for Morena Baccarin and (especially) Mandy Patinkin who was nothing short of amazing. 
  • Jon Cryer is still there.
  • Jane Krakowski snubbed: I expected this somehow, but still... COME ON! She was easily the best thing about 30 Rock this season, in fact, she made the whole Season 6 one of the best ones ever; she was brilliant and a hands-down winner in my book. (I hope at least that Sofia Vergara along with Jesse Tyler Ferguson/Ed O'Neill will finally take home the Emmy over Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell  who both get on my nerves like nobody else)
  • The two Lauras snubbed for Zooey Deschanel and Melissa McCarthy: no comment here; see you Lauras next year at the Oscars, don't give a shit about tv awards. 
  • And finally, Mad Men: From what I see, we can prepare for another win from Mad Men. I'm not saying anything about its quality, I've seen only a couple of episodes (ones that made me fail to understand why it has such hysterical fans and yes, The Suitcase was among them) but seriously, why another win? It's insane. First of all, even if it's the best, it's time for a new show to prevail (after all, it's Outstanding Drama Series, not Best Drama Series). I feel that the Emmy wins should also represent what's going on at certain points on television and people after us will only see the same shows prevailing, while there are so many that are worthy of consideration, probably even more so than Mad Men. I feel that Matthew Weiner can sleep without another Emmy. It has a chance of losing, Downton is strong and many were bitching about this season but still, it's the front-runner. Finally, just think about this fact: the last show to win the top Emmy for Drama was The Sopranos (!). I rest my case. 
I see that the Emmys really showed their ugliest side this year. Never you mind. :) I'll be coming back with my picks anyway in some important categories, much like last year. :) 

What do you think?