Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My favorite movies

So to get to know each other, it's essential that you know my favorite films and movie obsessions. So here they are, in order of preference:

1. Annie Hall
So resonant with real life. So beautiful, humorous, loveable, stylish and so 70s. I love every moment and especially Diane Keaton's wonderful, unforgettable performance.

2. Tootsie
The reason why Dustin Hoffman is my favorite actor. I know the whole movie by heart. Love the music, the brilliant screenplay, the fabulous performances. Wonderful.

3. The Exorcist
Sick, brutal, disgusting, heart-breaking. Filled with brilliant performances by everyone, great directing, a clever story and catchy music, this is one for the ages.

4. Skylark/Pacsirta
The greatest Hungarian movie with the greatest performance every by an actor. Antal Páger shows the sadness and disappointment so heart-breakingly. Harrowing piece of work.

5. Cries and Whispers
Bergman's best work ever? Quite probably. He shows so much of life, death, suffering and human relationships. An unbearable and yet uplifting journey with so many emotions.

6. Hannah and her Sisters
I watch it every Christmas. The perfect Christmas movie without being about Christmas. Shows true human love and it's so lovely. And Dianne Wiest is perfection!

7. Back to the Future
A piece of childhood. The best entertainment a movie can offer. So rich in fantasy, a BRILLIANT story (scandal that it lost Best Original Screenplay) with incredibly loveable characters.

8. The Godfather
How can I NOT include it? The perfect movie. Divine in every possible way. The greatest family saga and gangster movie ever on the screen. Brilliant direction, fantastic cast.

9. The Silence of the Lambs
So cold, so full of suspense. The chemistry between Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins is perfect. Both give career-best performances. Absolutely astonishing movie.

10. Pillow Talk
My guilty pleasure. Sooooooooooo funny. If you ask me, this was the best movie of 1959. It's so incredibly hilarious. Doris Day crying... LOL :) The most conversations about sex without saying the word.

Up next: favorite TV shows.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello there!

In case you don't know me, I'm Dinasztie, the writer of the blog, The Oscar Nerd. While I love the Oscars, I decided to do another blog where I'm talking about movies in general and some television shows that I love (in general and recently). Moreover, I'll post my thoughts on the present Oscar races (predictions and such) here but expect to see reviews of the nominees there. On this blog I'll write reviews of movies and TV episodes in general, so I might just start with a favorite movies/favorite TV shows. This blog is much more free, so ask me to write anything you want. :-)

Have fun! :-)