Friday, July 20, 2012

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series - 2012


So the nominees are: 
  • Kathy Bates - Harry's Law
  • Glenn Close - Damages
  • Claire Danes - Homeland
  • Michelle Dockery - Downton Abbey
  • Julianna Margulies - The Good Wife
  • Elisabeth Moss - Mad Men
I guess I'll try something new and review the Emmy nominated ladies (based on their episode submissions for which we'll have to wait a little bit) just like I do on my other blog. Not sure about the outcome, but the predicting game for my ranking is on here as well. :) If this goes well, I might do some old years as well. Last year, I did a Comedy ranking, with Edie Falco triumphing, let's see who wins me over the most this year. :) 

What do you think? :) 


Nues20 said...

From what I can gage from reading stuff and listening to pundits videos on Golderby.
It is likely that Moss will submit "The Other Woman"
Danes will submit The Vest
and Dockery is likely to submit the Christmas Episode

Louis Morgan said...

Unfortunately the only new show I really watch is Breaking Bad so I won't be able to have much of an opinion, but I'll try to guess your ranking the best I can.

1. Danes
2. Close
3. Moss
4. Margulies
5. Dockery
6. Bates

Michael Patison said...

I hazard a guess, as well. As is probably clear from comment earlier, I love Downton, and therefore Dockery, but I'm still not sure if she would still be my vote once I had seen Danes or maybe a few of the others. I've also only seen at least one complete episode of Downton out of the nominees. Regardless, this is about your projected rankings, not mine. Before I rank, though, I must say that I do this having not looked at which episode each actress submitted and how they were reviewed in each (i.e. I've read that Margulies submission wasn't all that great in 2010 when she didn't submit the Pilot, but I haven't read anything similar this year):
1. Claire Danes-Homeland
2. Julianna Margulies-The Good Wife
3. Glenn Close-Damages
4. Elisabeth Moss-Mad Men
5. Michelle Dockery-Downton Abbey
6. Kathy Bates-Harry's Law

dinasztie said...

Michael: Julianna's submission 2 years ago was excellent, it just wasn't that flashy. She was quite simply ROBBED and I hate to even remember that moment. :)

I also love Downton And Damages. And The Good Wife. And especially Homeland. :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh I'm so awful with the Drama nominees. The only Drama nominee I've seen is....Jason Ritter in Parenthood. I know, I'm awful.

That said, I expect Claire Danes to be your pick. Though Glenn could always surprise. Or anyone but Kathy and Elisabeth.

Nues20 said...

1. Danes
2. Moss
3. Margulies
4. Dockery
5. Close
6. Bates

All the episode submissions are here now so will be excited to see your thoughts

Anonymous said...

Claire Danes is the easiest winner in this category, she was perfect in the whole first season but in "The Vest" she was just unbelievably brilliant, the best performance on TV this year for sure!!! If she made a film where she played Carrie she would get the Oscar hands down!