Monday, July 25, 2011

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

So it's time to find out how I rank this year's nominees in this categories. On my Oscar blog I give out Meryls as grades but that wouldn't mean much here. With Comedy, I'll use Marys (after Mary Tyler Moore, the comedy legend). With Drama, I don't have an idea but I'll find out.

So the much anticipated ranking is:

1. Edie Falco in Nurse Jackie "Rat Falls"
Mindblowing performance by Edie Falco as Jackie, who has to steal a statue of the Blessed Virgin, deal with a rat and her own addiction. I love Edie Falco so much as she's such a versatile actress. She can play Carmela Soprano and then Nurse Jackie, being brilliant in both. I mean come on! She's unbearably brilliant in Rat Falls. Her performance is full of layers, it's outrageously hysterical and heart-breaking at the same time. Full of wonderful wit and dramatic moments, Edie Falco is unforgettable once again in Nurse Jackie.

2. Laura Linney in The Big C "Pilot"
Honest to God, choosing between Falco and Linney is impossible. They are both fantastic in their dramedy roles. The reason why I went with Falco was the fact that she was freakin' hilarious in her episode. However, Linney is just as great as her showing wonderful irony as a cancer patient who wants to change her life. She's totally realistic and so wonderfully shows the emotions. I'm going to be very happy if she wins (which seems to be most likely).

3. Tina Fey in 30 Rock "Double-Edged Sword"
Tina Fey was born to be on a sitcom. Please don't take it the wrong way but I love the old-fashioned (in the best way possible), ironic greatness left from the classic shows. In Double-Edged Sword, she deals again with her horrible love life. Liz has a fight with her boyfriend during a long wait in an airplane and Fey gets the best out of her. Although sometimes Alec Baldwin and Elizabeth Banks steal the spotlight, Fey's just excellent.

4. Martha Plimpton in Raising Hope "Say Cheese"
Another excellent entry by an excellent comedy actress. In this episode, Plimpton's character gets friendly with her son's date and we get to know how much of a maniac she is about family portraits. Plimpton gets the best out of the scenes, nailing all those funny lines, she never misses an opportunity, everything is where it should be. It's nothing for the ages but it's good fun for one.

5. Amy Poehler in Parks & Recreation "Flu Season"
Horrible submission anyone? Amy Poehler is one of the funniest people alive but this episode submission was a big misstep. At least, her performance just didn't work for me. I mean, the laughs were there for me, it's just that I didn't feel it was a really great performance by her. Her character Leslie ahs to battle flu as she has to attend an important meeting. That sounds excellent but she doesn't have much screentime and all of the supporting characters get funnier lines. Amy does what she can with this stuff but that's not much.

6. Melissa McCarthy in Mike & Molly "First Date"
Why do they feel the need of nominating the leading lady from a horrid CBS show? I thought after dumping Old Christine, everything will be fine. Well, I guess it wasn't. Melissa McCarthy gives an often embarassing, sometimes lovely performance as Molly, who's preparing for her date with Mike. I mean those scenes at the restaurant were horrid, clich├ęd and I felt I have seen that before. The weakest link...

Final thoughts: I guess Laura Linney will win, which is great but secretly I'm going to be hoping for an Edie Falco upset (she's an Emmy favorite why not?). I know that's not very likely, but still. If Laura wins, that will be more than fine. I will be satisfied even if Amy gets it as she so has to win an Emmy. A McCarthy win would piss me off but that's not gonna happen. Wow, I really felt like a real Emmy voter. That gave me very much pleasure. I've done it according to the rules, I ranked them so that's it. :) I hope you liked the post.


Anonymous said...

I know that I'm supposed to judge based off of their submission, but I can't get their entire season of work out of my mind. Which is why Poehler takes it for me, easily. NJ and The Big C aren't funny enough.

Who would you're 6 choices be for nominations?

dinasztie said...

Derek, I have no idea. I don't watch enough comedies.

I judge based on the submission episodes like any Emmy voter so I don't know about Poehler's work during the season.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Well, what do you think about the submission process for the Emmys?

On one hand it makes it easier for the voters to see all the nominees, but at the same time I kind of think it's their job to see every episode of a show if they are to judge it, because that's the nature of the format they are honoring. I'm conflicted. =/

dinasztie said...

First of all (let's be honest) the whole Emmys system sucks. They should watch each and every show on TV which is impossible if you have a life. But still, this is the best alternative.

Anyway I don't care about it unless Julianna Margulies wins. :)